Our Seniors Celebrate Halloween!

Our Senior Halloween Pizza Party was held on October 31 in spite of power outages throughout the area! We enjoyed a pizza and salad lunch with many festive desserts. We shared Halloween jokes and riddles, a costume contest and pumpkin decorating contest. It was fun and it also gave those seniors without electricity a little break with a warm meal!

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  1. I am interested in meals on wheels for my neighbor. He is elderly, got out of the hospital a week ago and could really use the help his name is Howard Engel and he lives at 20Elm Street apartment 6. Tis is a pink Victorian house with apartments. Use front door and walk up to third floor apt 6
    . I am not sure of his phone number and he does not have internet so I will be willing to pass on any information or a phone number he can call if necessary. Many thanks.

    • Hello,

      Sorry I didn’t see this early. It was attached to the Halloween Blog we did last year and I thought it was old. Any ways, we do not do Meals on Wheels deliveries. We pick them up and bring them to the Boscawen Town Hall for our seniors. Any one can just show up and eat. If you would like them delivered by MOW then someone has to call them here in Concord at 603-225-9092. Let me know if I misunderstood what is needed or if there is anything else we can do. Thank you, Rick

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