Penacook Community Center

Ready to stay creative from the couch? Here is your guide to enjoying art at home!

  1. Art Contests: submit your art for cash prizes

  2. Museums: take a virtual field trip to museums around the world and even stream Operas on your TV

  3. Art Games: compete against yourself and others

  4. Digital Art: create art on your device

  5. Art Education: learn about art

  6. Art at Home: Art tutorials and prompts for you to create where you are

With Love and Creativity, @MrsVelazquezArt

P.S. You can also follow along on my art teacher Instagram for daily Live art tutorials and inspiration!

Art Contests Museums Art Games Digital Art Art Education  Art at Home
Saving Endangered Species  Google Arts & Culture: Virtual Museums Quick, Draw!  Just a Line Interactive Color Wheel  Daily Live Illustration Drawing
Sustainable Shipping  Online Tours: The Louvre  Mondrian Squares  Mandala Creator  Color Theory  Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems 
National Fossil Day  The Museum of the World Autodraw Silk  KQED Art School  Imagineering in a Box
Science without Borders Guggenheim Online Collection  Color This is Sand The Met Flipgrid Tate at Home
Impact of Conflict Museum of Natural History Kern Create Comics Pintura Cassie Stephens Elementary Art 
No Limits Foundation  Salvador Dali Museum  ArtistToolkit SketchUp The Caves of Lascaux  Make an Art Studio 
State Fish Art Contest Air Force Museum  Mondrimat Matisse Drawing Room METKids Time Machine  Drawing at home prompts 
Guadalupe Mountains Nightly Met Opera Streams Street Art  Patterns of Infinity  National Gallery of Art 365 Drawing Challenge 
Embracing Our Differences Digital Concert Hall Art Puzzle Haring Coloring Book Destination Modern Art Watercolor Tutorials
Ocean Awareness Moma Learning Hieronymus Bosch Invaders  Patterns  Khan Academy: Art History  Bullet Journaling 
The Really Great Outdoors Museum of Web Art Queensland Art Games Pixologic Lincoln Center at Home Procreate Tutorials 
Congressional Art Vatican Museum  Cubism  OpenToonz BrainPop Home By Me