Penacook Community Center


Early Childhood Programs

For each age group, we develop an age appropriate curriculum that includes learning activities, creative play, story time, art, outdoor play and other activities that engage the children’s interest and stimulate their minds. There are many opportunities for children to be creative and practice social interaction skills.

We believe that parents and teachers are partners in each child’s care and education. We maintain an open door policy where parents may stop in and join their child for some fun in the classroom at any time during the day.

Our programs run from 7am-5:00 pm and are based on your child’s age.


Precious Pandas
Ages 6 weeks – Toddler 

Teachers nurture infants and toddlers through individualized curriculum. Trusted caregivers recognize the developmental needs of the children in their care. The children are given the opportunity to develop their milestones through guided activities.

Cost: $239 per week

Magnificent Monkeys
Ages Toddler – 3 years

Toddlers are beginning to show independence and competence in the daily skills they acquire. Knowledgeable teachers provide a curriculum that allows them to explore their world through play. Opportunities for music, art, story time, and outdoor physical activity are all incorporated into the busy day for toddlers.

Cost: $210 per week


Terrific Tigers
Ages 3 – 4 years

Skilled Early Childhood teachers prepare a developmentally appropriate curriculum. By providing awareness and interesting activities, the preschool children foster their understanding of the world around them. Their day is filled with creative play, learning activities, music, art and outdoor physical activity.

Cost: $200 per week

Busy Bees
Ages 4 – 5 years

The children learn about the world around them through play.  Early childhood teachers create a balanced curriculum focused on school readiness. Their day consists of learning activities, creative play, art, music, science and outdoor physical activity.

Cost: $200 per week