Penacook Community Center


Summer Day Camp 2020 enrollment is here!



This year is much different than what we had planned. Basically, no bus trips and we haven’t heard whether the City pools will be open. So, we decided to bring as much water sports to PCC for all the children to enjoy. All the playgrounds have water misters and sprinklers that are run for those that want to cool down. Each day and week is structured around a theme that includes inside and outside activities. There will be art projects and new games that will be shown along with STEM.

This summer we opened with approx. 15 children each day in summer camp and two weeks later we have almost doubled that number. The gym has been divided into groups using moving walls to keep each group separate. Yes, these are groups of 10.

New this summer, we have started doing a short newsletter each week in Summer Camp. These will be handed out at the end of the week. The decision to go forward with more communication came about when we realized the protocol not allowing parents in the programs meant they wouldn’t see what their children were doing.


“I love how the staff kept them busy with fun choices all day. Staff were not only watching the kids but got right in there and played with them. They ran hard, met new friends, got dirty and I never once questioned their safety or supervision.” – PCC Parent

School Vacation Camp

During school vacation weeks, PCC offers a fun camp for children ages 5-12. Field trips are planned along with onsite activities that are designed to meet the interests of the children.

Vacation camps typically run when public schools are closed, during professional days, on snow closure days, and for full weeks during the following school breaks: Christmas, February, and April vacation weeks.